New Pattern: Pretty Strong Socks


It’s hot here, too hot to wear socks. But it is the season of traveling and there’s no better travel knitting (in my opinion) than a sock–small and portable and FUN. Now with so many basic sock patterns available, why did I feel the need to write my own?


This design began as a way to solve my own sock problem: I’m hard on socks. My heels and toes tend to be dry and rough and I wear holes in socks. I’ve worn through the heel in a new hand knitted sock with just a few wearings. (Insert sad face here). But I love soft, beautiful yarn.


For this sock I recommend a sturdy sock yarn, with a good percentage of nylon or other strong fiber in the heels and toes to keep the socks from wearing out in those areas. For the main color of the sock, use the beautiful and more delicate fibers or any sock weight fiber. The stripes are added as an attractive way to combine both colors. Simple as that.

I have a friend who teases me about using these teeny tiny sock knitting needles, “knitting with toothpicks again?” But knitting with a size 1 needle is really the same as knitting with size 10s, and I do have big hands. Knitting with double points is also something fun to learn, you still knit with only 2 needles at a time — you just ignore the others. Of course there are other methods to sock knitting: continuous loop or even knitting two at a time. But I’m an old school knitter — double points for me.

Need more information on how to knit socks? Go to Knitty, they have lots of answers.

If you’ve never knit a sock before, don’t worry. I’ve written detailed and clear instructions with lots of helpful hints. This would be a great first sock pattern.


It’s hard work modeling socks.



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