New Pattern: ICEosceles hat

Isoceles [ahy-sos-uh-leez] adj. a triangle that has two equal sides and two equal angles.
ICEosceles [ahys-os-uh-leez] n. a hat knit of triangles to be worn in the icy days of winter.*


A hat wardrobe is essential for all the different types of winter weather. This one, designed for the chilliest of days, started as a way to use some partial hanks of a great yarn. Though I’ve lived my whole life in the midwest, I’ve never been happy with the cold. Stranded knitting will make a double layer of yarn that will keep any head warm enough to contemplate the geometry of triangles in graphic patterns.


* I’ve been told the triangles in the hat are not truly of the Isoceles type. But knitting can stretch, like names of hats, and who can resist a little word play?



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