Mr. Nelson

I’m lucky. I have a great husband. He can fix anything: cars, toilets, a nice grilled steak. And he is really smart, he knows about history, politics and current events like no one else I know. He takes care of my daughter and me in so many ways. He is fun and funny. As I say, I’m very lucky.

But there is one thing. Its gets cold in Minnesota and he is, to put it bluntly, almost bald. He shovels our snow, walks to meetings downtown, and sometimes walks to get me a takeout burger and fries. He likes to wear a hat. I’ve knit several for him, but none were quite right. Between just us, I think he is a tiny bit picky.

Now these hats I’ve knit — some were knit from patterns by real knit design powerhouses and some designed by me. All of them seem to have some feature that makes him reject each one, sometimes he can’t even tell me what that problem is. From the box of knits, there are six or seven, he mostly chooses this sad one that I made when I was just starting to design, out of cheap wool and it is no beauty.

Well, this hat is another attempt, and I do believe he’ll wear it. The brim can be folded to any length, or not folded over at all. In the great Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn. Each tweedy colorway has little specs of contrast to make this yarn extremely beautiful but still masculine — I chose the warm brown as the main color with a little complement of blue to make a subtle contrast.

And just to be safe, there’s a scarf too. Nice and wide for warmth, not too long, so as to fit slimly under a jacket.

I bring you Mr. Nelson. Easy to knit, with nice textures and classic styling.







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