I’m in Knitty!

And when I say, “I’m in Knitty, I’m in Knitty! Here I am modeling my new pattern just published by Knitty. I couldn’t be more excited about it.Inhabit_IMG_9316

Called Inhabit, because its just the kind of sweater that I want. In fact, that’s how the design began. My local yarn store had their Louet Euroflax on sale and I decided to design just the pattern that I would want to knit and wear.


Simple knitting, stockinette, bottom up in the round. Easy to wear, pop it on over your tank top, collared shirt or even your swim suit. Mostly black, but with a little bit of color. Loose gauge because Summer!


Knitty is full of wonderful patterns that are free! Go check out this issue, see mine and all the other fun new spring patterns.

P.S. And a big Thank You to my talented daughter who shot the photos. Tamara has learned to compose a shot that makes even a chubby me look nice.

15 thoughts on “I’m in Knitty!

    • Merri Fromm says:

      It sure is the conservatory, the place to go when you need a spring photo but it’s still winter. 😏
      And I forgot to say, “thanks!”

  1. Darlene says:

    I love your pattern and your photos are gorgeous. I’m working on mine in cotton and it’s such a fun knit. I made one of the dreaded knitting fails I twisted the join and didn’t notice till it was to late to fix :(. So rather than rip out so many many stitches I kept knitting and once I reached 4″ I made a little steek and cut at the sides. so now my sweater will have even more ease for my ample hips 😉
    Thanks again for the great plus size pattern!

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