I love Knitty!

And apparently, Knitty appreciates me too — they’ve published another of my designs, called Punctilious. Yes, an odd name — naming is hard!

Its a simple tee-shirt sweater, carefully planned (thus the name).

Punctilious is hip length, slightly A-line shaped, has short sleeves, a neckline not too low, and drop shoulders—an easy sweater to fit every body type. Lots of stockinette stitching in the round for a quick but relaxing knit, with a little bit of interesting ribbing at the neck. The split hemline is not only cute, but eliminates that pesky worry of a twist in the join of a long in-the-round cast on. The gauge is tight enough so that the fabric is not translucent (you need not wear any kind of camisole underneath for modesty’s sake), but still open enough to be fluid.

The tee is knit in dreamy Daisy—a gorgeous sport weight yarn. Daisy is a combination of crisp linen and hemp fibers with the added softness and sheen of silk. This yarn is a little bit crunchy but softer than pure linen, and the results are drapey and beautiful.

Modeled by the beautiful Kris and handsome Britches.

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