Green Tea kerchief

This scarf began with a desire for new yarn. Don’t you just love new yarn? When I heard the wonderful Darn. Knit. {Anyway} yarn shop in the nearby town of Stillwater was selling Quince & Co. yarns, my knitting pal, Missy and I just had to go and see. I’ve admired Quince and Co. since their beginning—have you seen their website? Yarns and patterns are so beautiful. But there is nothing like seeing and touching the fibers in person. And the color palette? Delicious!

We are having a cool (and wet) summer, so far, in Minnesota and I find myself needing just a little scarf—especially in movie theaters and restaurants. This linen scarf is just the answer for me. Knitting linen in the heat is so easy, even outside in the humidity of a rainforest. Don’t forget to wet block the scarf, the linen gets soft and drapey.

P.S. Yes, it’s rainy and wet here! We’ve hit records of most rain in a single day and for the month of June. It took a while to find a photo day that both my model and the weather would cooperate. Lucky for us, Tangletown is just north of the aptly named Highland neighborhood, so our house is nice and dry, our garden so green and lush. We do have neighbors, however, who have had standing water in their backyard for so long, that a pair of mallard ducks moved in.

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