Barn Cowls

owl_blackMy first eBook! A trio of fun circular scarves—all fast and easy to knit. Checked, lace and striped cowl patterns with clear instructions and helpful hints. Great first knitting projects that will keep you toasty and looking great in your farm duds and city outfits.


I really like cowls in this cold weather. They are warm and cuddly and I don’t have to worry about tying them and fiddling with them to keep them neat. Just my kind of getting dressed—pop them on and you are set. Wear them at the office, at home, or even when you’re in the barn.


OK—I’m only in a barn once or twice a year if I’m lucky, but I couldn’t resist our favorite winter vacation spot for a photo shoot. That’s how this collection became named Barn Cowls.


Modeled by my beautiful family members: niece Bridget, daughter Tamara, and someday-sister-in-law Rochelle. Aren’t they terrific? Tamara knew that I needed her modeling services, but I sort of sprung it on Bridget and Rochelle. They are troopers and jumped right in. I don’t think they ever modeled before and they let me boss them around without a complaint. So great.


And the most handsome, greatest farm dog model ever, Otis.


A giant Thank You to Palmquist Farm!


Barn Cowls eBook $3.99

Oh, and by the way, Tamara has a fun DIY Valentine’s Day craft. Click on over to her blog if you’d like to see. It’s not too late!

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